Anime on the go!

Well this is my 3rd PDA.
the first one is dictionary pda (very usless)
2nd is a viewsonic v35, which i some how broke the backlight there’s a line across the middle of the screen 3pixels in hiegth that go from left to right that have no blacklight.
and this one is my current one dell axim 50v (pocket pc 2003 SE), I used it mostly for watching anime on the go.
it’s very cool, you can play almost all video codec for Avi, and Wmv.
and it’s fast enough to play at full speed at 640x480vga (the decive is a vga one, the screen is 640×480) so when i watch anime on it it’s actually clearer than a normal TV.
(why need a ipod with video on a small screen, when this type of decive can do it on a 3 1/2" screen at better speed, and quaility. And you get a PDA with all the pda stuff + it can play game and tons of stuff for cheaper)
Only one down side is that don’t use it at bus station or on bus, cause there’s too many ppls watching at you, or come over and ask questions to a point that you can’t watch it any more
and I make my own VGA Theme for it.
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