Funny photo @ ocrean park summer

I was looking over some of the photo I took when i was in Hong Kong during the summer and this is a funny one, it’s took from my cheap plastic camrea, and no it’s not photoshoped, it’s just happen it turn out this way, but it sure look like a ad photo
I have some photo of 北出菜奈 at the Manga and Toy Conv. too, but the photo isn’t great 😦 guess that what you get from a cheap cam.

Ps. to respond to the comments, the event isn’t basiclly a huge maze that allow for water gun fight + a mini mountian that blow out bubble very 15min.
I didn’t get the chance to go play them, cause i have too many electric equiments when me, so i became a moblie locker room for my group, and carry all their bag, phone and stuff. (infact i looked like one of the tour guides that are looking after thier customer bags outside of it)
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  1. Incredible_Edible_Mau wrote: Says:

    wet and wild assult huh ? sounds like a porn……. lol][\/][*

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