To go get it or not to go get it?

Hmm that is the question.
I took a offical IQ test when I was in grade 7. (Offical one that you do over 3 days periods) And I was find to be gifted, I am the teacher was shocked. anyhow, then I was in gifted classes for 4 years, I only knew I have 140IQ+. Initially they told me that I was get the offical result when in grade 12, but I never got it. It’s all most 7years (that how long they keep record) should I try and get it from the School? To know what IQ I have, but I am worried that I only have a low sorce.
What to do?

Funny thing is that I didn’t even know that was an IQ test back then, I though it’s some type of Test for student that was in ESL (English as Second Lanuage Classes)

and nope, I didn’t think that I am smarter have have higher IQ than others when I was small. But I do feel some what depressed when I was small, that others around you take much longer to learn stuff.  (that’s why gifted childern are grouped together, cause according to studies, up to 80% of gifted childern are depressed because those around them don’t seem to understand them)

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