Problem with Myspace agian Sigh…

I make a mistake of deleting the Mai Otome album , I tried to reupload those screen caps, but failed.
I done some digging around and comes to 2 possible reason for the failure of uploading photos..
1. Msn photo server is down, and you couldn’t up any photo. Happened before, but somehow i don’t think this is the cause.
2. My monthly photo upload limit is reached.  This seem to be the case. But can any one there me what is the monthly limit? there’s not place that i can find that tell me how much i used, or even a cap on the limit per month. Unlike before the new msn space photo gone used, they actually have a bar telling you how much space is left, now there’s isn’t any, no bar, or anything.  I tried deleting some old photo, I can delete them but just not upload, This is also the reason why I think (1) above is unlikly.
So till I understand what’s happening, or know how to resolve this there wouldn’t be any screen caps then..

Just checked, seem like the new standard is 500photos per month, hmm did I uploaded 500photo this month already???

Solution could be to store some new photo in my other website, but those photo will only be thumbnail, as that site have very low bandwith limit, just with the weekly visit from this space will likly killed it.  Will most likly try this, then when this photo thing is resolve here, i will reload those new photo here.

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