Omg I did it, It’s all over Final Fantasy XII

After 5 days of play time, I have finshed it.
The story is awsome, (but I don’t like Vaan).  Too bad no love story, but given that the last few already have love story as the main theme, I don’t misses it.  The game is too easy, as long as you don’t use those teleportation stone, at the end I was level 70+ (just 3 charactors, cause it the game doesn’t force you to level all of them up so 3×70+ and 3×21 is the level) and the final boss was a joke. Infact everything is easy, I just went with all Magic Knights build, almost all boss is dead in 1min, with melee only.
If you went with Magic as main attack you will run into problem 1/2 way into the game. There’s a big flaw that I see for magic user. The game only allow 1 magic attack at a time, so I give you an example. say all your character is casting lighting, then they will have to queue for each other to finshes the cast + the animation, add a monster that is casting magic also, then you have to wait for it to finshes. wait wait there’s more, add in mutliple magic attack then the wait is even longer, sometimes it will take like 20sec to have the last person in the queue to cast the spell. So at level 70, 3 caster take like 10sec to do a total of 12k damage while melee group of 3 can to up to 30k damage.  I personally don’t see the point of black magic.
Annoy stuff in FFXII seem to be at every emeny will try to cast effect spell on you, and more annoying is that they can’t really hurt you but just slow you down, so you need to remove those effect after every battle, plus all the traps on the floors.
Oh, and lack of money is a big problem in the games as everything cost $$$. My solution is have 1 character set to steal monster goods when a monster have 100hp everytimes, and at the end of the game I Have almost 1 million $.
Plus sides is that the less poly more texture turn out every nice, as the game look so much better.  It look much better than FFX in game. But I am kind of disspointed to the lack of FMV, but I guess that saves them alot of money and production times.

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