What happen recently to me?

We have been together for a long time, I can remember how I fall in love on first site.  She have been there for me for 5 years. We played games together, watched movies togother, surf the web together.  When I am doing school work or studing she’s aways here to help and aid me, those was the good times. But recently she have started to turn to the dark sides, complaning and not wanting me to use my computer any more, and even tries to stop me watching anime. And when she try to stop me watching anime I know it’s time for us to part our ways.  So finally yesterday, I find the courage in to to finally do it and dumpped her.
…..So our love for each other is finally over….
Good bye my love, thankyou for all the time you  have spend with me, Sayunara.
Ok with all this say and done, now Hello to my new 17" LCD monitor, bye bye Old 15" CRT
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