Gifts from my sisters : Thankyou all

Those gifts are presented to me by my sisters

No need to say much, but the box at the top right are keyborad key cartoon cover.



Now I have all 3 of them (one on the right) I have collected it all!!!


Is those white stuff just sand? the glass is broken when I openned the box, I try by best to glue it all back together.


Suppose to light up a dark (very dark) small room(very small), and display sky chart. (Havn’t try, back I did put my eye on top of the hole to view it)

Ok, tried, it worked at my room, cause my room is 100% dark at night




More keychain, phone string added to my collections (200+ keychain/phone string already)



This is by far the coolest (I could just be out dated) keychian I ever see, Solar Powered Keychain!!!



More mis Item.


And there you have it!!  Thankyou again for my sisters


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