Finally understand, why can’t i upload more photos

I got a respond from MSN, seem like thier 500photos upload thing not just count your photo albums, but any photo you used in your blog message too counts. That would expands alot.
Any how I have created the extension to this blog @
that will be all the new stuff be, ofcause I will refer to them here.
I will think about what to do, upkeeping 2 blogs is not great, as I have to log in log out, and get links and so for all the times.  As to not keeping the photo ablums, humm, I know i wouldn’t misses it, it would proably speed up loading of this blog. But the problems is that I need the Ablums to storage the header photo in each blog entries, and I like having it there…..
I know I will just keep the existing ablums, but not more updates for it, only the header image will be loaded in there from now on… only 20 more days to go till counter reset…
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