More on my cheap PC (Intel Core 2 Duo + Asrock 775dual)

Yeah more news,
Upgraded stuff are
Motherboard = Asrock 775Dual VSTA
Intel CPU      = C2D E6300
PowerSupply = Some cheap 430w 120mm fan stuff
Keyboard      = BenQ cheap keyboard
Everything else is carried over from my cheap old A7V333 System.
Currently I am having some problems related system kind of unstable in game, but the strangest thing seem to be only unstable in multiplayers game and not in single player mode. (Very strange)
It’s not the Network card, I am checking to see if it’s my ATI 9600Pro driver…

Seem like the strange crashing in game a due to the Video card (ATI 9600Pro) trying to run at AGP 8x, when I force the AGP Port to 4x the game loads fine.. (If this hold up, all problems is resolved)
Next the cheap cheap Asrock 775dual VSTA board doesn’t support Vcore (CPU Voltage) increases, luckly there are many that are looking into modding the board or CPU to incrases the Voltage, I have one @ VR-Zone. They need you to use some sort of conductive pen to connect the dots on te cpu, I much want to use pencil (have yet see any one use pencil) cause pencil is free, any how I will hold off modding it till others try it out first, don’t want to blow my cpu to heaven just yet, but I do want to see if others can puch the FSH all the way to 340 (max on motherboard) that will be 7 X 340 = 2380.
But there’s only 1 problem I highly doubt that one of my ram stick (ddr 333 512mb) will run at 453Mhz, any how I will see what will happen..
So here’s what I have for my PC
Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 2.1ghz
775Dual Vsta
1.5gb ram (1gb ddr400 + 512mb ddr333) @ DDR400
Antic cooling freezer 7 Fan/heatsink
ATI 9600Pro 128mb
400gb Harddrive (120gb + 320gb IDE drive)
Some Cheap CD-RW
WinFast TV2000Pro
Via PCI USB 2.0 Card
Acer Al1716 17" VGA/DVI LCD
Lastly I grabbed the PC (just the tower and stuff in it) and wieghted it the whole thing wieght like 28pounds !!!

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