What’s happening this week

Just came down with flu this weekend, started on Sat night. Sunday mornning I went to take some medine (over the sheft, drug). But things goes down hile, I have a bad reaction with the drug (usually have bad reaction with drug that stop coughing), athough I only took 1/4 the recommended amount for adult, I becomes so sick after taking it that I can’t get out of bed. It took 14hours for the bad reaction to go away, sigh.. I guess I will have to wait for the flu to go away by it self.
Blog maybe slower, cause I don’t feel too well this week, too sick to go to school…

One Response to “What’s happening this week”

  1. cherry's mommy wrote: Says:

    take a dayoff, stay @ home, rest rest rest …..
    only take 1/4 of the amount for aduit??
    that’s why you still sick la…

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