Too continue or quit?

It’s been more then 1 year for this blog. I don’t know if it just me or something, but the responds is so low. Sometime I even think that maybe I am the only one that is visiting this site…
The respond rate (so low) have really started to sink in and I feel that my effort in this blog is pretty much an waste of time… I will think over the weekend to continue doing this or just save myself the time in preparing and bloging.

3 Responses to “Too continue or quit?”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Wow… I really like your space. Not to hide but I’m also a huge anime fans! =D Even though I don’t really watch these anime that you’re probably watching but I enjoy reading them ><. I agree with w1ckhunt3r too. It would be sad not to read about these other anime shows again. But if you’re going to change to the then I would really like to visit it too ^^. Just send me the URL… send me @ Thank you very much. But I would still miss your space. =(

  2. w1ckhunt3r wrote: Says:

    Or maybe you want to consider joining the provides free blog hosting and resources for
    the anime and manga blogging community. It has an Antenna, an anime/manga blog aggregator which has many blogs on display and this should generate more traffic/response for your blog…But I think you need to change over to…You can visit for more information…Hope this helps…

  3. w1ckhunt3r wrote: Says:

    It would be sad to see you stop blogging…This is undoubtedly an excellent anime blog which I had stumbled upon a month or two ago, bookmarked it and had always refer to your nice writeups when deciding which anime to pick up, such as the current new season…It is ultimately your decision whether to keep blogging or not…Best wishes in whatever decision you are going to make…Seems like I am the only one who is commenting =/

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