I killed my pc, again…

It all started like a normal day, that is until I noticed that there’s a new Bois for my Motherboard (Asus P5n-e Sli) and it finally bring official support for FSB 1333 (I don’t really need it). But since it’s out and I don’t have much to do, I decided to try it. Then the nightmare begin, there’s a bios flash utitily in the BIOS, but I didn’t use it. Instead I decided to go with window flashing, cause that’s what I been using for all the other PC and none of them have ever gave me any problems. But this time, it just freezes after it completely eased the old bios, so I have no choice but to restart it. Then no respond what so ever, it’s gone and dead. (I checked almost every single mobo I have got RMA in one point or another in thier life time)
Luckily, I am able to exchange it in the shop I got it from (after they spend 45min testing it). But the only problem is that they don’t have it in stock at the shop and will need a few days for it to arrives (sigh.. I phoned them to make sure they have it in stock at that location). But I can’t stand with out it for any longer (cause it’s down since the weekend, and I waited till Monday already). So I just asked them to check other shop location, and I will pick it up personally. (another 1 hour of ride…) But finally it’s alive, and up again, thankfully I don’t have to reinstall windows….
Also I changed out the led fan to an non led low noise fan, as I can’t stand it any longer, the motor generate a high noise when it’s not at full power. But if I make it full power, it shake the window caseing production even more noise… And I was left with a window case with no lighting, and so I when and got a cold cathode tube…. now my PC is red!!!
Now the hunt for High HD 魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS continues…


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