Notice :

I just to get a few things clear :
1 . For those who are on my MSN list please don’t just leave a message like "hello" and expect me to respond cause I get tons of them everyday and soon you learn to ignore most of them. It’s not that I don’t like to respond but there’s just too much so maybe if you want just type the message along in there. And even if you see me online, chances are I am not actually there. (I don’t save the history so if my pc is auto restart than I would not have known you have ever messaged me)
2. Do not leave message for me in the MSN network (what ever it’s call) cause I don’t even know how to check it. I only have seem that page once and I remembered there’s tons of message but I never again were able to find how I got to that page to begin with. Beside I never actually check that page.
3. All comment and question related to anime should go to the comments (they are there for a reason) and I think you would most likely have a better chance of getting a respond from me on the comment than in MSN.
4. Some peoples have asked me to put the guest book back up… well I did have a guest book before but I think I have like 4 messages in the whole year… 可哀相な・・・ So I just took it off maybe I would add it back later.

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