Notice : 2009 07 21

there’s some major slow down this week for this blog due to many reasons, but there’s pretty much 2 reason that are holding back on me the most :
1. I have recently gotten a new video card and I have to say it’s been a huge trouble. First I was using a 8800GT before and now I switched over to an ATI 4870HD, I was lazy and didn’t want to reinstall the XP. Which now I am running into so much trouble from the driver crashing that I keep losing my blog entires while I am typing it. The strangest thing is that this is like a curse or something. Cause it only crash when I am typing in the blog and no where else… So I am installing a completely new window right now and it would take a few more hours of work to get it working like before again. (Typing the same entires like 7 times is not funny at all.)
2. It more basic… basically I am over whelmed with the amount of contents that needed to be updated every week. As I have suspected I have picked too much anime to work on and really have to cut down on a few shows…
3. I was typing on my laptop today and then some kid came over and was looking at my work. Which I didn’t worries for a while then when I go grab my water this nice kid deleted all my work for today… sigh… this must be some sort of curse I am having…

One Response to “Notice : 2009 07 21”

  1. CY Says:

    "Typing the same entires like 7 times is not funny at all."Ouch. It isn’t the least bit funny =/To have your work deleted by a stranger…like WTF@#!#*

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