Recent Update

Recently released and I have started to play it… Basically it’s a parallel story that take place in the world of School Days. Usually I don’t play much of those エロゲーム but once in a while I do pick up one or two just to see how the story. Cause it’s pretty much like reading a novel except you get more picture and music/voice.. But in this case it’s even more than that, the game is pretty much all animatied… of course not to the level that is on anime but never the less it’s very impressive and this is the first time I have seem such style of game. Which is like watching an anime with decision making that would impact the story (quite funny indeed).
So my impression so far? the new hero and heroin is much better that those in School Days (anime version) and my hate toward School Days hero is still burning quite well even so many years after I watched it. I only have gotten to Chapter 2 so far but it have taken me about 5 hours already… so I would be spending much of my free time for the next few weeks into this game… and I could imagine there’s going to be some impact on the speed of my blog updating.

On a more distance note, I have mentioned this before but in June (mid) I would be traveling to a distance land and would stay for at least 2 months till the summer is over. For now I know I am going to have Internet at the location I am staying at but I do not know the bandwidth or speed at which is provided and I would only know once I get there. Even if everything is well and good, I still are going to have little free time over there. How much of this blog would be updated would only be determined once my journey started. 

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