News 2011 03 05

One of the reason I am starting to head into panic mode this month is the fact that I will be going on a trip next month. To be exact, it will be April 16. Beyond starting to pack up (more like finding all the stuff that I will need on the trip) and planning on what to do in the free time during the trip. I must completes all the stuff before I leaves. Not only is there this blog but alot of other little things and they all starting to adds up.

And the most exciting thing about this trip is the fact that I will have a chance to actually visit one of the Azone Store!!! So I am so excited, what doll to get? and of course all the clothing and stuff too… What’s more this time unlike last time I will have enough money just in case that I see some 60cm dolls that I liked.

Basically for the first 3 weeks after my trip starts I will have internet but the 3 weeks after I will not… (yes there is still places on Earth with no internet, shocking >_< ) So my expectation is that I will update the blog till I leave as normal then it will enter the same mode it did last summer… with 3 weeks of break. Mostly likely 4 cause 1 week is require to catch up… Which mean I will basically missed half the spring season…

By the was that above picture is the suitcase I will be using, I believes it’s a limited edition ( 1 of 50 make, unless the place I got it from lies T_T ). So if you see some one walking around in the airport or on the street with it you have 1 in 50 chance of knowing that’s me ^_^.

And no Sahra is not coming with me on this trip… >_<


2 Responses to “News 2011 03 05”

  1. 新快速男 Says:


    • Yuki Says:

      04月16日から6月まで遊行にいきます!!!超わくわくする ^_^

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