News : 2011 05 15

My visit to Osaka and Nagoya is over and I have a great time taking alot of photos with Mio(yes I did have a photo of her in front of Kyoto Tower and the Monkey park)… One of the main stop point for me is Volks and Azone shops and of course 天使のすみか. Where I basically spend all my moneys on DD and Pureneemo dolls and clothing. So many cute clothing… I can not resist on not buying them all >_<!!!

Any how I am not yet back home but will be soon but before I am, I still have one more stop which will lead me to a place with no internet for a week. (Starting on the 18th of this month)… I am still trying to watch all the shows even now, and I don’t think I will be able to resume the this blog normally before June.

If anyone wanted to know.. I got 2 DD, one of them are 東方Projectの魔麗沙, just don’t ask how much I spend on getting it… >_<


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