Touhou Project DDS 霧雨魔理沙

Since we are at the transition period between 2 season, updates are slow… so I decided to share more Dolfie photo with you all.

This is Dolfie Dream Sister from Volks (Touhou Project DDS 霧雨魔理沙, if you didn’t catch the title already). Unfortunately I have to get this off second hand >_< so it’s much more expensive than when it were sold in the doll party. The only good thing is that she is unopened when I found her.

She is of course the second Dolfie I got… initially I were only going to get 美羽 but 魔理沙’s cute looks and new body is just too much to resist.

She isn’t wearing her oringal cloth for this photo but a white dress that I got from 天使のすみか.

She is so cute… and I personally like her new DDS body vs DDdy as she is more pose able… although I think I do need to get a new neck join so that I can increase her head movement.

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