I-Doll West 20 (A-side)

DSC_2002 [1024x768] One of the main high light for my trip is for this single event… Personally I did not take too much photos of the dealers cause they are very busy and I would have to ask every table for permission.. which is a waste of a lot of time. So instead most of the photos are from the free stage or pay table. 
DSC_2006 [1024x768]
DSC_2007 [1024x768]
DSC_2009 [1024x768]
DSC_2010 [1024x768] Really wanted that school uniform
DSC_2013 [1024x768]
DSC_2014 [1024x768]
DSC_2015 [1024x768]
DSC_2016 [1024x768]
DSC_2017 [1024x768]
DSC_2018 [1024x768]
DSC_2019 [1024x768] 

DSC_2022 [1024x768]
DSC_2025 [1024x768]
DSC_2027 [1024x768]
DSC_2028 [1024x768]
DSC_2029 [1024x768]
DSC_2030 [1024x768]
DSC_2031 [1024x768]
DSC_2033 [1024x768]
DSC_2034 [1024x768]
DSC_2035 [1024x768]
DSC_2036 [1024x768]
DSC_2037 [1024x768]
DSC_2039 [1024x768]
DSC_2040 [1024x768]
DSC_2042 [1024x768]
DSC_2043 [1024x768]
DSC_2045 [1024x768] 

DSC_2048 [1024x768]


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