News : 2011 05 15

My visit to Osaka and Nagoya is over and I have a great time taking alot of photos with Mio(yes I did have a photo of her in front of Kyoto Tower and the Monkey park)… One of the main stop point for me is Volks and Azone shops and of course 天使のすみか. Where I basically spend all my moneys on DD and Pureneemo dolls and clothing. So many cute clothing… I can not resist on not buying them all >_<!!!

Any how I am not yet back home but will be soon but before I am, I still have one more stop which will lead me to a place with no internet for a week. (Starting on the 18th of this month)… I am still trying to watch all the shows even now, and I don’t think I will be able to resume the this blog normally before June.

If anyone wanted to know.. I got 2 DD, one of them are 東方Projectの魔麗沙, just don’t ask how much I spend on getting it… >_<

News 2011 04 30


News : 2011 04 12

– Just a reminder of my up coming trip… and I have been trying to do my best to keep the blog up the date before I go… although the quality of the entries itself may have dropped a bit >_<
– Most of the shows is aired and the remaining one, well I pretty much know which I will blog. Which gives this season a total number of 7.
– I am not sure why but it seem like ever since the end of last season the number of visit on this blog have dropped by a huge amount. Personally the only joke in doing this blog is knowing others are reading it and enjoying as much as you do. But seeing the number of visit now a day (which is very very low) I don’t feel much energy left in continuing doing this. I know that there’s a drop every new season but this is something I haven’t seen before. If the level starts the same till the end of this month… I will really starts to think whether to continue blogging, cause no point when there’s no read reading at all.

Wow… it’s may and most of the Sakura is now currently opening and now it’s snowing where I live… snow on the tree… that’s like the first time I seen it like that…

News 2011-04-02

Spring is here and the Sakura of around my home is starting to flower… And here is a photo I took with Sahra outside… (The pain of all the peoples looking at me >_<)

Anyhow, I will try to keep the update going till the 16th, that’s when I am leaving my home city for a month. Whether they will be any time on updating the blog will remain to be seem. The worst case is that I will only upload the image, best case is that you don’t feel anything different. But the most likely case will be some where in the middle. Anyhow at May I will be heading to 名古屋 so there will definitely be one week of no update during then.

News 2010 03 09

風邪をひいた・・・ 超苦しい・・・ 2・3日休みです・・・

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